Greater New Hope Baptist Church 

 816 8th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001 
 (A Downtown Cathedral of Hope & Destiny) 

 Bishop Melvin G. Brown, Pastor/Senior Minister 
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Saturday, 28 January 2023
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       New Hope Baptist Mission was established on November 23, 1933, as a Baptist Mission, by Rev. Chester L. Smallwood. Eighteen officers were elected and Rev. Smallwood was appointed Pastor of the Mission on that day. A total of 60 persons were present for the organization and election of officers. The first offering collected was for a total of $15. The Mission held its first service on November 26, 1933 (Thanksgiving night), in the basement of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church.
       The following week the Mission secured its first permanent home at 444 N Street N.W., where the congregation worshipped for one year. Worship services returned to the basement of Mt. Nebo once it became vacant. Due to its rapid growth and overflowing services, Rev. Smallwood decided it was time for the congregation to have their own place of worship. The Mission located two vacant lots on Neal Place N.W. (between 4th and 5th Street) which they purchased. New Hope Baptist Mission was recognized as a Baptist Church by the Ministers Conference of Washington, D.C. and vicinity, at which time the name was changed to New Hope Baptist Church.
       As the church moved forward with its plans to pay for the lots and build a new church, Sister Augusta Parker informed the pastor (one Sunday night after service) that the building located at 1217 5th Street N.W. was for sale and would be auctioned the next morning at 9:30 a.m. Unfortunately, all funds had been exhausted toward payments for the lots on Neal Place. Rev. Smallwood contacted as many Deacons and Trustees as he could on a Sunday night to discuss this great opportunity. Being a very progressive man with great courage, Rev. Smallwood believed nothing was impossible with God. He told each officer contacted, “Brethren, let us try God and see if there can be some way to buy the church.” After speaking with the church officers, the Pastor went to the home of the president of Industrial Bank to discuss the plans for the Church that was up for auction. The president of the bank agreed to make the down payment on the church of $9,550. After the down payment was made New Hope Baptist Church moved to its new home at 1217 5th Street N.W.
       Rev. Smallwood served as Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church for a period of four years. His successor, Rev. David Story served as Acting Pastor for six months until Rev. Charles Henry Hamilton was elected Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church. Rev. Hamilton then preached his first sermon on that 3rd Sunday in June, 1938. Under the leadership of Rev. Hamilton, New Hope Baptist Church had phenomenal growth. Several new ministries emerged; the mortgage was paid off; the lots were sold; and, all old debts were paid in full.
       Fifteen years later in 1953, was the crowning achievement of New Hope Baptist Church. The church saw a need to expand and the decision was made to purchase the beautiful, spacious, and picturesque church located at 816 8th Street N.W. for a purchase price of $150,000. New Hope Baptist Church was renamed Greater New Hope Baptist Church upon moving to their new home in downtown DC – where it still stands today and is considered a Historic building.
       After the untimely death of Rev. Hamilton in 1982, a search committee was organized to select a permanent pastor. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit Dr. Melvin G. Brown was appointed Pastor in 1987. Under his leadership and teaching, the Holy Spirit has been working to promote a spirit of worship and praise with the main message: “pressing towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.” (Phil 3:14).

The Old New Hope Baptist Church Rev. Charles H. Hamilton - Pastor The New Hope Baptist Church
Souvenir Program Committee - (Left to Right Front Row) A. Blair, A. Chambers,
W. Rountree, A. Davis, M. Covington. (Back Row) P. Garrett, E. Dean, D. Elliot,
M. North, W. M. Serious, M. Sanders, M. Need, W. William, I. Rowe
Surviving Church Founders - Mary Simpkins, Parrylee Gladden, Fannie Crawford,
Cora Covington, Jannie Blair, Mamie Thompson, Pearl Holloway, Nannie Simmons,
Yancie Dean, Juanita Scott, Emerson Davis, Beatrice Howard, Iola Rowe,
James Simpkins, Louis Miller, Marion Covington, Precious Garrett, George Quarles,
Clara Perry, William Rountree, Maude Rountree
Deaconess Board - President Mrs. Laura J. Ratliff, Vice President Mrs. Pearl Holloway,
Secretary Mrs. Christabelle Glover, Treasurer Mrs. Amanda Drumming
Deacon and Trustee Board - Chairman Deacon James Simpkins,
Secretary Deacon L. M. Miller
Mortgage burning - November 23, 1943
Flower Club - President Jessie Stevenson, Vice President Emma Miller,
Secretary Miss Daisy Bolden, Treasurer Estelle Redman
Hospitality Club - President Delores Lambright, Vice President Daniel Wood,
Secretary Willi Mae Woods, Treasurer Lora Wheeler
Laymen's Club - President Elmer Johnson, Vice President Albert Holmes,
Secretary Sylvester Willaims, Treasurer Homer Cason
New Members Club - President Mrs. Saddie Jones, Vice President Mrs. Mae Sheridan,
Secretary Mrs. Matie Miller, Treasurer Mr. Moses Ferrell
Men's Club - President Dea. James Seigler, Secretary Dea. James Bolden,
Treasurer Trustee George Quarles
Joshua and Faithful Few Clubs - President Mrs. Anita H. Davis,
Secretary Mrs. Dorothy Lyttle, Treasurer Mrs. Anita Devis
- President Mrs. Marie Whittington, Vice President Mrs. Bessie Thorpe,
Secretary Mrs. Irene Blunt, Treasurer Mrs. Ruth Chambers
Missionary Society - President Mrs. Anita H. Davis, Vice President Mrs. Gladys Raggin,
Secretary Mrs. Christabelle Glover, Treasurer Deacon Charles Raggin
Pastor Aid Club - President Sweetie Briggs, Secretary Nellie Patterson,
Treasurer Sweetie Briggs
B.T.U. - President Mabel Sanders, Vice President Hattie Smith,
Secretary Emma Payton, Treasurer Arthur McLean
Sunday School - Superintendent Mr. William Rountree, 1st Ass't. Supt. Elmer Johnson,
2nd Ass't. Supt. Archie Blair, Secretary Mrs. Juanita Lambright, Treasurer Odessa Bagswell
Usher Board No. One - President Mrs. Ellen Dean, 1st Vice Pres. Mr. Eddie Gilchrest,
2nd Vice Pres. Mrs. Mable Sanders, Secretary Mrs. Emma Payton,
Recording Secretary Mr. Jack McCain, Sgt. at Arms Mr. Sloan Oliphant
Senior Choir No. One - President Cora Covington, Vice President Hattie W. Smith,
Secretary Fannie Crawford, Treasurer Mary Simpkins, Pianist Mrs. Brown
Helping Hand Club - President Mrs. Flossi Hamilton, Vice President Mrs. Janie Nelson,
Secretary Mrs. Mabel Saunders, Treasurer Mrs. Lillie Zeigler
Willing Workers Club - President Fanni Crawford, Vice President M. O. Covington,
Secretary Rozina Jones, Treasurer George Quarles
Gospel Chorus - President Ada Campbell, Vice President William S. Pollard,
Secretary Pauline Brown, Treasurer Lucille Johnson, Pianist Alice Bundy
Busy Bee Club - President Mrs. Alice Briscoe, Vice President Mrs. Joenell Robinson,
Secretary Mrs. Anna Mae Johnson, Treasurer Mr. Lewis Miller
Paradise Chorus - President Mr. James Bolden, Vice President Mrs. Margaret Steven,
Secretary Mrs. Ursaline Jones, Treasurer Mrs. Ora Samuels,
Director Mr. Walter Stephens, Piannist Mrs. Betty Simpson
Junior Choir - President Vermelle Howard, Vice President Julia Green,
Secretary Ruth Crouch, Treasurer Catherine Hamilton
Male Chorus - President Mr. Homer Cason, Vice President Mr. King David Frye,
Secretary Mr. James Brown, Treasurer Dea. Elmer Johnson,
Piannist Mrs. Florence Lacey
Glee Singers - President Mrs. Willie Mae Serious, Vice President Mr. William Harvey,
Secretary Mrs. Zola Taylor, Treasurer Mr. Lewis Serious,
Business Managed Mrs. Retha Mae Williams, Directoress Mrs. Juanita Taylor
Usher Board No. Two - President Mattie V. North, Vice President Willie Mae Harris,
Secretary Mrs. Zola Taylor, Treasurer Mr. Willie Robinson,
Sgt. at Arms Mr. William Harvey, Mr. Mark Holloway
Senior Choir No. Two - President Mrs. Verna Landy, Vice President Mrs. Rosa Boyd,
Secretary Mrs. Mary Foster, Treasurer Mrs. Katherine Brown,
Pianist Mrs. Flossie Hamilton
Good Will Club - President Mrs. Mildred Ward, Vice President Mr. William Jones,
Secretary Mrs. Leverta Hill, Treasurer Mrs. Helen Cox
Nurses Guild
South Carolina Club - President Mrs. Maggie Paul, Vice President Mrs. Mabel Surgick,
Secretary Mrs. Anna Steven, Treasurer Mrs. Maggie Williams
Victory Club - President Mrs. Anna Roberts, Vice President Mrs. Hattie Crawford,
Secretary Mrs. Cozetta Powell, Treasurer Mrs. Rosetta Chase
Traveler's Aid Club - President Mrs. Pearl Walker, Vice President Mrs. Joanna Henderson,
Secretary Mrs. Sarah Sadler, Treasurer Mrs. Sallie Boler
Rose Bud Club - President Mrs. Irma Featherstone, Vice President Mrs. Migonette Shine,
Secretary Mrs. Martha Smith, Treasurer Mr. Lewis Miller
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