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Bishop Melvin G. Brown, Pastor/Sr. Minister

“Faithful Servants in the Service of Christ and His Church

We love God. We believe in God.

A Downtown Cathedral of Hope & Destiny

Our Mission

To be a Christian witnessing community for Christ Jesus, locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

Our Objectives

To win the lost for Jesus Christ. To Disciple them and train them to win others to Christ. And to continuously and faithfully advance the Kingdom of God here on earth!

Our Vision

To create a faith community of believers, who are followers of Jesus Christ; loving one and respecting one another and others; equipping believers for effective service, and witnessing for Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven, inside and outside of this fellowship.

Our Faith

Under guidance of the Holy Spirit, he is dedicated to maintaining an effective and viable witness for Christ Jesus in the inner-city of the Nation’s Capital here in Washington, DC. To GOD be the Glory!

Bible Study: 6:30 to 8:00 pm









Mother! Margaret G. Carter!

She flourished under the loving guidance of her grandmother, the pastor and church elders. Her love for Greater New Hope grows more each day. As the little girl matured into a young lady she accepted additional responsibilities within the Church serving on Usher Board #2; as a Trustee for a year; as a member of the Women’s Ministry since 1990 holding the position of Secretary and Assistant Secretary – rarely missing a meeting or Women’s Ministry function; and as the Chairperson of the Annual Fund Rally Team (appointed by Bishop Brown) since the team’s inception starting with the 80/800 Fund Rally. We are currently on the 89/890 Fund Rally.

Mother Margaret Carter literally grew up in Greater New Hope.  She is the granddaughter of the late Deaconess Pearl Holloway, one of the founding members of Greater New Hope Baptist Church.

She joined New Hope Baptist Church around age 7.  She loved to sing – in church – out of church – anywhere.  She probably started singing before talking. She joined the Junior Choir shortly after joining the Church and started pursuing her passion to sing. Can you find her in the picture below?  Look at the second row from the bottom – fourth from the left.

Mother Maude Roundtree had a dream that she shared with the late Reverend Charles H. Hamilton.  She told him she dreamt of a choir named the Paradise Chorus and wanted permission to organize it.  Reverend Hamilton agreed. Several members of the Junior Choir (you had to be at least 12 years old) were selected for the choir.  Mother Carter was one of them. She is the remaining charter member still singing with the Paradise Chorus. The Paradise Chorus will celebrate its 79th Anniversary the 3rd Sunday in May 2022.

Junior Choir around 1942 or 1943

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